Fury On Terrorizer CD

November 13, 2014

Fury are featured on the Fear Candy cover CD of Terrorizer magazine Issue 254. This is the first time we’ve featured on a magazine CD so we are all pretty excited.


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Fury Tour Comes To An End

October 14, 2014

4 weeks on the road and an awesome time had by all. We’ve all had a great time hitting some great venues with our new chums Attica Rage. Check out this great photo of Julian from our gig at Bannerman’s in Edinburgh. One of our favourite shows of the tour. Photo Credit: Gary Cooper



One of the coolest venues on the tour was Satan’s Hollow in Manchester and also one of the best crowds. Here is Alasdair giving it the old heave ho. Photo Credit: Jay Hawkins


The tour finished off in style supporting Diamond Head at Rock Diabetes. It was a great way to end the tour and we were so happy that so many people took a Fury CD home with them!


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Bassist Martin Trail On Metal and His Influences

September 6, 2014

10646852_10202757509239800_7508196057729792239_nWhat are your musical Influences?

I can‘t play any other instruments, and I am less influenced by genres or bands, and more by other bass players.

When I started playing bass the guy that I looked up to most was Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)- the mix of precussive tones and melodic lines was fascinating for me as a young player, and showed me what was possible with the instrument. I love the sound and feel of Rex Brown with Pantera, the way he anchors Dimebags playing is brilliant, and his tone has got a raw, aggressive bite to it that I’ve tried to incorporate in to my sound. Rob Trujillo is also a standout to me- watching that guy on stage was a huge inspiration to me, and if you listen through the things he did before Metallica you discover that he’s actually an insane player! Finally Pontus Egberg (The Poodles, Tainted Nation)- I was filling in for him with Tainted Nation and had to learn all of his lines, and it taught me so much about solid, hard rock bass playing.

How did you start playing?

I played clarinet from a very young age, but stopped at about 13 to start skateboarding. One day, when I was about 15, I picked up a friends sisters bass- 2 minutes and I was hooked! Simple as that- I knew it was the instrument for me

How did you join Fury?

I was playing a gig in Birmingham with a band I used to play with, and Fury were on the bill. After the gig I was having a smoke out the back, when Jay & Joel came and asked me if I would be interested joining. Five years later and im still here!


What is your best Fury moment so far?

Bloodstock 2013- I was huge buzz to play at such a fantastic festival for the first time, and I couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception. However this gets joint honours with getting the first copy of our album ‘The Lightning Dream’. I felt so proud of what we’d created, and I kept listening to it in my car for weeks afterwards! So much hard work went in to it and the kind words people have said about it since its release have meant so much to us all.

What do you like to do with your spare time?

Ummm… Music! I really don’t have any other interests outside of playing bass… At the moment I’m working with a friend on an album he’s written- it’s really let me stretch and explore my playing and he’s got some great musicians involved. Im also still filling in for Tainted Nation, so again, I get to work with fantastic musicians and have fun on the road with them.

What is the future for Fury?

We are very confident in our abilities- we write great songs that are designed for the world’s biggest stages, and that’s where I feel we belong. We’ve got a tight unit at the moment, and the guts and passion to take any chance were given and make the most of it. Above all though- were having fun! I love playing with Fury, making friends on the road and spreading our music across the whole world. The day that stops I think we’ll call it a day- and were nowhere near that now.

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Fury Announce UK Tour With Attica Rage

August 5, 2014

Fury are excited to be playing Main Support to the fantastic Attica Rage accross the UK this September and October. Please see the tour dates and buy tickets in advance. For information on tickets please join the Facebook event page. FACEBOOK EVENT


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May 11, 2014


Get your name in the sleeve of Fury’s brand new record THE LIGHTNING DREAM.

Follow this link to pick up a copy www.furyofficial.com/lightningdream.html


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March 19, 2014

What a fantastic weekend at Hammerfest, way too much alcohol and then when we got back to our accomodation… we found some Kraken rum courtesy of Hammerfest. We didn’t need it but being gentlemen we couldn’t refuse.

Review coming in now so we’ll post some up, so far they’ve been very good indeed. We had fun, we hope you did too.

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Studio Update

January 27, 2014

All the drums have successfully been tracked and are ready to be mixed so that the rest of the recording can take place.

Here we are mucking around after the tracking.


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Music224.com review of our first gig of 2014

January 20, 2014

Click the photo to read the review by our pal Jay “the hawk” Hawkins.

Fury Sitwell Tavern

Jake Beesley rocking the Sitwell Tavern in Derby

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2 great reviews for January…

January 16, 2014

After a long day in Derby having a photo shoot with our buddy Jay  we trundled in to town to play at the Sitwell Tavern… it ended up being an awesome night and there were MANY drunk people enjoying all the metal that evening!

Here is Rob Waterhouse’s review on Cackblabbath.com - http://www.cackblabbath.com/2014/01/14/kaideka-live-derby-sitwell-tavern/


Chuffed to bits with this next one. We’re in Metal As Religions top picks for this years Hammerfest. Check it out!



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Looking back at 2013 and forward to 2014

January 15, 2014


2013 was a great year for Fury, we started off by releasing our first record with new guitarist Jake Beesley… and it was a record. Our Warrior’s Prayer vinyl was received really well and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to post out our vinyls to the UK, Europe, America and Japan… and we only have a few left. If you’d like one head over to www.furyofficial.bigcartel.com

We were also very lucky to play Bloodstock which has been a dream for the band since we first started attending as fans in 2006. Being able to talk to industry buffs back stage has given us a great insight in to the way things are run and it has opened up a lot of doors so a big thank you to festival organiser Simon Hall for putting us on the bill!

We’ve also played some really good key gigs, including some of these:

- The prestigious O2 Academy in Birmingham a couple of times
- The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton
- The Asylum in Birmingham
- Our local favourite venue The Marrs Bar in Worcester
- Hard And Heavy 6 in Wales
- Bloodstock Festival in Derby
- Rock Diabetes in Bristol
- Damaged Stock in Nottingham with Evil Scarecrow
- BBC Introducing in Malvern
- The Headbangers Balls tour finale

Other highlights include having the local Premier League Rugby team The Worcester Warriors use our music as their run out tune, meeting Bruce Dickinson and giving him our music, meeting Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, having Judas Priest’s KK Downing coming to watch one of our gigs and having a photo with Chris Jericho backstage at Bloodstock!


Martin didn’t want to be in this photo because he thought Julian was going to Chicken Wing Chris Jericho!


A great honour for me to meet Iron Maiden’ Bruce Dickinson

So a hard year to beat!

But it’s already looking good for 2014. We’ve been invited back to Hammerfest that we played back in 2012 as a stand in band. We’re playing the main stage on the Thursday night so this really is a great honour for us.

We’re also booked to play Les-Fest 14. We met the guys back stage at Bloodstock last year and luckily they came along to watch us play and offered us a slot. It’s going to be our first trip over in to Scotland so we’re very excited.

And because we know we’re going to have such a wicked time in Scotland we’re going back to play at St.Johnstone’s football stadium for our friend’s wedding. It will be messy!

Currently we are trying to get ourselves on a tour with a bigger band and we are looking at our options in Europe.

We are also just about to jump in to the studio to start work on our first full album which we are really excited about. We have a lot of great songs that we want everyone to hear.

So here is a toast to 2014! Bring it on!

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